Bioenterics Intragastric Balloon

The Bioenterics Intragastric Balloon (BIB tm) is a silicone balloon that is inserted into the stomach using an endoscope. The balloon is inflated with saline through a self sealing valve. The balloon induces a feeling of fullness, thus reducing intake and aiding weightloss. It is indicated for use in weightloss management in overweight patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 27 and above
Intragastric Balloons have been modified over the years and the BIB system has been refined to ensure effective, reliable and well toerated.
Established Indications for use of the BIB system
Patients with a BMI 27 and above who have not been able to achieve systained weight loss through dietary or other approaches
Patients with a BMI of 35 to 40 who decline surgical weightloss options or need a weightloss step before undergoing weightloss surgery
Patients planned for cardiovascular, orthopaedic or other surgery and require weight reduction before they can proceed or require weight reduction to improve their risks and likelihood of a good outcome
Expected weight loss
The weightloss is dependent on how well they adapt to the BIB system with modification of their diet. The BIB system would be expected to produce a 1kg weight loss per week and over a 6 month period one would expect 15-25kg weight over all. The initial 3 months sees the majority of the weightloss and in combination with supportive weightloss programmes (dietary and exercise) the weightloss can be maintained. after the balloon is removed, the weight will regain if ongoing dietary changes have not been made.
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